Fasting back on track 

Ok so for a while now I haven’t fasted. I had bronchitis and to make it worse I fasted without knowing I was sick and then before dinner I felt faint and could barely keep my head up. 

I have been tired lately and not really feeling sick. But sure enough I was sick  luckily I didn’t have to go to the hospital. My doctor found it and gave me a antibiotic and a inhaler. 

So from then till now every time I thought about fasting I just couldn’t do it. I was blaming my fasting. But I was infected sick. 

Then slowly but surely I started gaining again and today I decided I’ve had enough of it and am starting fasting today! My sickness wasn’t fasting it was a infection. 

So today we start again. Thank god I’m not letting this go any further I still fit into my clothes but they are tighter and I don’t want to get bigger. 


Fast day #19 

Well didn’t fast last Thursday but did Friday and today is another fast day.  I started fasting on Monday actually 10 weeks ago. This would of been fast day number twenty  but I missed a fast day I believe if I’m wrong someone tell me. Wow 

I don’t count calories anymore on fast days and non fast days. Planning on weighting today as I haven’t weighed last week. 

Fast day 16

Ok so last week I wasn’t able to log anything. Well that’s not true! I was just lazy and didn’t want to log. 

I only fasted one day last week I could of fasted more but just didn’t. 

But that’s the beauty of 2 day fasts. If you miss one its not the end of the world. 

Found a new caffeine drink only 10 calories.   Happy Monday! 

Fast day #14

Today fast day number 14. Ate a bit too much Saturday celebrating my sons birthday. Charcoaled out some Bratwurst, hotlinks and hot dogs for the kids. My mom made Chess squares (Yum) and we bought a ice cream cake. And we had two kinds of potato salad also baked beans.


Sunday I didn’t eat much as I was busy most of the day playing a game my wife bought for me. Dang Farming Simulator!

Wasn’t even hungry today until my wife warmed herself up two brat’s just now. UGH! I’m still fasting though. Come on dinner time lol.

Another fast day gone

Yesterday was my I believe 13th fast. Not hungry much until I went to work which helped cause I don’t take first break so I was going good intill dinner. I ate 613  calories.

About 300 calories for this

Yesterday was also my weigh in day and I didn’t loose. I am writing it on here so I have record. I actually gained 0.2 pounds. 

It’s frustrating and I know I will plateau.  I have when only counting calories. Problem is I just get mad and throw my hands up in dismay.

Instead of getting mad when I plateu this time I’m gonna take the scales away for a while and maybe then touch back on calories on my fitness pal and take my tdee down to my goal weight (2230) as if on  maintenance. 

I don’t want to count for long as I have for two years and it just gets old fast. This is true because some of the people that joined my fitness pal when I did and became friends with me are on for a while and off for a while and I just can’t see counting calories day in and day out for the rest of my life. Two days a week yes everyday no for years no.

5 2 fast day # 12

Week 5 finished, bring on week drumroll please ……… week Six!

Today I really have no idea what I want to bring to work for this evenings meal. One thought is to just go to Subway for a salad with chicken.

Kinda over did it on the two slices of cake and ice cream at my niece’s Birthday party. But I mostly didn’t eat anything until the party. 


On a diet I would of beat myself up over it but I know the 2 or 3 fast days will take care of it. 

Time to make some tea and drink some water.  Fast day in the works!  5 complete weeks DONE! 

5:2 Fast day # 11 in the works

Another Wednesday another glorious fast day. As normal I am at work and have frozen dinner and veggies planned out.


This total is 390 calories for the dinner and 1 serving of this veggie bag. If I ate the whole bag of potatoes and green beans it would be 250 calories. Gotta have some variety in fasting days sometimes.

Unless I decide to go and have a salad at Subway.

Speaking of fasting I had a great dinner Monday {Labor Day) fast day.

Monday cchicken dinner

A grilled boned chicken breast and leg with potatoes with some cheese on them and a bag of veggies for a little under 600 calories! I couldn’t finish it all.

5 2 fast day #10 on

So this is fast day TEN. Exactly one month since starting this WOL.

I started this day off with a bottle of water.


A good thing to do first thing in the morning but rarely do.

We’ll see what I eat today as I am supposed to go with my dad out to eat. So no beer unless they have bud select 55.

That’s the reason I save all my calories for one meal so I can go and eat with my family on fast days and they won’t know the difference. I haven’t told anyone about what I’m doing (except my wife) as I don’t think they will be open to it. They will be supportive but think I’m doing harm.

I feel great have a ton of energy I just wish I could find a way to tell people of the health benefits without them freaking out that ooh you fast two times a week attitude.

For more information on 5 2 check out

5 2 flexibility

Well I have been fasting on Sundays and Wednesdays but figured I would fast on Mondays while I was at work but this Monday is Labor day and my Dad said something about going out to eat tomorrow. So I guess I might not be fasting then and move it to Friday if I have a lunch bigger than 600 calories.

That’s the thing about this Way of Living

1 It’s not a diet and strict on which days you gotta fast.

2 All foods are in, no limits on the the type of food.

3 Fast two days a week and that means only 600 calories for men and 500 calories for women on fasting days. The other 5 days eat normally.

4 No calorie counting the other 5 days unless you really want to.

No other so called diet can do this. No even weight watchers which I’ve been on in the past officially and unofficially.

It’s just so flexible and won’t cost you a dime and it may save a little money and time. Huh that rhymed.

For more information check out the tag 5:2 on WordPress.Com and 

5 2 Fast day #9

My 9th fast day done.

Wednesday hunger pangs were non existent but I did learn that Rockstar sugar free little sleep and fasting made me super energetic. Almost bouncing off the walls

Ate a small calorie meal and veggies so I treaded my self with a tapioca pudding and two oatmeal cookies.

And I even forgot to weigh myself every Wednesday before I have supper but I weighted 199.2 a little over a pound loss anyway.